Yummy cooking Chicken egg soup recipe – Cooking skill


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  1. Ela espremeu o.limão em.cima.dos ovos..e cada mistura q elas faz e n faz mau a elas….e eu aqui tenho medo de comer ovo e tomar água e me dar uma dor e eu morrer kkkkkkkkkkk

  2. 😮у нас это не едят… мы отдаем собакам, и то уличным. Мне кажется девчонка устала , она так вздохнула перед готовкой ( может мне показалось)

  3. This is a hoax, at least the fully formed eggs in their brown shells are. This is because the eggshells don't harden until after the calcium carbonate comes in contact with air. This is why eggs are tear shaped; the shells are soft and malleable when the eggs are forced out of the cloacal aperture.

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