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  1. Really enjoy your videos and all the great meal ideas. I must say Gracie Lou is just the sweetest you can never say no to that face. I can never say no to my cat either. Stay safe and God Bless you and your family.

  2. I just made the shrimp fajitas for lunch! So yummy! Thank you for your recipes, especially the quick and easy and healthy ones!!! (I’m not always healthy – but right now I am haha)!! 😂 💕

  3. I have chicken for tomorrow bone in so there is skin on it might cut them off the bone brown the skin and then put the goodies on top ugg your videos make me so hungry LOL

  4. Your my very favorite to watch I'm from Indiana my hubby is very picky so it's hard to change Gracie is so sweet thanks for your cooking and your family . I'm in Shelbyville Ind

  5. The chicken might look more appetizing if you finish it under the broiler for a couple of minutes so the cheese can get a little color. I'm going to give it s try. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Or I can make the melt in your mouth chicken with mash potatoes and those green beans look good.
    I don't know if I can do can green beans tho. Cause that's what I have.
    Ok got 2meal ideas. Talk to the boys.
    And I know they gonna say make the chicken hashbrown casserole

  7. Here's a little humor for you. I am a relatively new subie and I realized I had not seen any of your videos in a few days. So I went to YT's search bar but couldn't find you. Finally figured out why. Instead of searching Mandy in the Making, I was searching for Making it with Mandy. LOL I thought it sounded a little off but kinda embarrassed myself when I saw my big mistake. 🤣😜

  8. I just recently found your channel and I am sooooo happy I did !! I love how the love between you and your husband and son really shines through your videos. Your recipes make me excited to cook dinner ! Can you pleeease let us know where you got that big glass mixing cup that you used to mix up the mixture for the melt in your mouth chicken?? I need it ! And please make more crockpot videos ❤️

  9. I make the melt in your mouth chicken using Mayo instead of sour cream. I also mix the cheese into the topping. Then I use italian bread crumbs on top. Deliciousness!!!

  10. Gracie is so sweet with those beautiful green eyes. Sweetie pie. I love your channel & your easy recipes. Im going to try the shrimp fajitas, & the cheeseburger/tater tot casserole. Stay safe & God bless!

  11. I have been binge watching and taking notes. I think these meals would be great to meal prep ahead for my work weeks. Your cat thinks she's the star of your channel! 😆 We won't tell her any different.

  12. I love the oven shrimp fajita recipe..it's healthy, few ingredients and easy peazy!😊that's what I like. I've watched many of your videos and I do like your recipes, but mostly all have cheese/dairy in them..can you make more recipes without cheese/dairy? There are many people like me and my family that can not eat cheese/dairy. Thank you!

  13. See I always feel like the odd ball because I don't eat sour cream. But I've made poppy seed chicken and that calls for sour cream. I know it says you need it but I just can't stomach it.

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