What i eat to get FIT | Prepping for New Workout Program | Healthy Recipes


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  1. I just made her pancakes, they were delicious! I didn't have coconut flour so I just used almond flour. I also added a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Powder. I made some blueberry sauce made with Monkfruit sweetener to top these wonderful pancakes. I will definitely be making these again!

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  3. I know this is a little late but the reason why the chocolate dalgona didn't work is because caffeine has a frothing agent in it which allows it to get airy. If you want to make it chocolatey you could make regular dalgona and add cocoa powder to it to make a mocha! 😛

  4. I have a Hypoglycemia so its not easy for me to lose weights my parents are not supportive either because i need to eat rice every meal (asian🙂🙂) and i cant control my intakes, i tried not to eat rice and after 3 days i feel dizzy so i immediately eat chocolates and a lot of rice😐😐😐 what should i do??

  5. Just an fyi for you 🤗
    To make the pancakes even fluffier, fold the egg whites into the other mix, don’t whisk it in. When you whisk it that gets rid of all the air, folding it slowly allows the air to stay in the egg white making the pancakes super fluffy! 🤗🤍

  6. Instead of actually mixing in the egg whites, try folding them in with the rubber spatula :3 because if you actually mix it in it will pop the air bubbles that the egg whites have, UwU ur welcome

  7. YESSS you should buy a kitchen aid, they are really great, I have one , I use it for everything, then you can complement with accessoriesI took the ice cream and it works great.

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