Vegetarian Enchiladas • Tasty Mexican Dish • Sangeeta's World


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  1. Why r u putting pasta sauce on enchiladas. U know there is enchilada sauce out there and it tastes much better for mexican food. Pasta sauce is on the sweeter side and enchilada sauce is on the spicier side which is what Mexican food is all about, kind of like Punjabi food. Other than that, i think the rest of the recipe is good.

  2. Is not enchiladas, and less Mexican food I. Think is Italian even if. Is vegetarian we don't use this ingredients. If u wanna learn Mexican food I can give u recipes. 😊😊😊

  3. I apologize in advance for my comment, but it was painful to watch. We Mexican don't make enchiladas with pasta sauce, parsley, or some of the other stuff you cooked with. This is a no, no, don't do it again!!

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