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  1. The curry potatos are on point! I used lentils instead of chickpeas. This is my second week in a row that I’ve made it and my family loves it.
    The first week I did not have the geera or the masal but this time I added it and it does make it taste that much better!
    Oh, and you really only need one pepper….lol. I love spicy so this was perfect.
    Thanks for the recipe and stay weird! ☺️

  2. I made this last night. I ended up adding more of the green seasoning , spices and veg broth. It turned out deeeeeelish! The green seasoning is to die for. I added lime and salt to it, and used it as a condiment on the side. mmmmm

  3. Also some tips.. you can add more water to get some nice sauce to drench that roti in .. we normally have it more saucy here.. and you need to buss up that roti more lol .. meaning give some good whacking to really burst it up … and I've never made buss up shut n I love here but it recipe was super easy and I wanna make it now

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