The Original McDonald's French Fry Recipe?


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  1. I guess Im glad I was born after the major switch * 96 * theyre basically the only fries I eat lol . I know some places use a more normal vegetable oil , like franchised , so I can def taste a difference there . Always wondered what the original ones tasted like though !

  2. Still love McDonalds fries but only when hot! They really aren't the same when they changed the oil. I really miss the fried cherry or apple pies of the 70's and 80's

  3. Jeez you must be young. I was alive to have them but idk if I'd remember the flavour. McDonald's burgers were my favorite as a kid too. I got a happy meal with a plain hamburger and I took it off the bun and only ate the patty. Love it as a kid.

  4. the only good thing about mcdonalds is the big mac sauce as the actual burgers are crap you can get a better burger from the frozen food isle in any supermarket. the best burger i got from a burger chain was i got a angus burger and a big mac and replaced the big mac burgers with the angus burgers and hell it tasted a hell of a lot better plus if you go to a burger stall i mean like a private burger van they cost less and taste better, if you could buy the sauce i would never go to mcdonalds again LOL

  5. Back in 2009 I went around to various places asking for empty cardboard boxes to move with and wound up with some of the boxes that McDonald's fries get shipped in. According to the ingredients list on the side, apparently they now just add beef flavor to the fries since they no longer fry them in tallow.

  6. McDonald’s fries are coated with sugar first, then they are coated with “sodium acid pyrophosphate”, a chemical that prevents them from turning gray in the freezer and keeping them all the same color when cooked. They are indeed blanched once, then cooled, then frozen.

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