The Chicken and the Egg: Mastering Japan’s Original Comfort Food


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  1. He hopes that his business will last for a few decades yet he doesn't prioritize in expanding his business. He should at least find a solution for that queue as standing and waiting in line for 30-1 hour for a comfort food defeats its purpose if you ask me.

  2. Learnt to make this myself after i had it in shibuya and was craving, sooo worth it. So comforting and filling, spend an afternoon learning and you wont regret it

  3. When a video like this plays randomly, I get caught off-guard and I still get slightly weirded out by the realization that I kinda understand Japanese now … the lockdowns of 2020 had a strange impact 😂

  4. I believe that with quality control and tech of modern era, this dish is better than any rice bowl served by the first generation. They got fridges to store chicken and egg separately.

  5. What's up with all of the people scared of eating raw egg? The egg in oyakudon is often left under cooked, and in many other instances, it's normally to eat raw egg over rice in Japan.

    It's funny how so many Americans (just making an assumption) don't realize there are places with higher food safety standards than the USA.

    There are places in Japan where you can get chicken sashimi, something that most people couldn't imagine.

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