Super Easy Tender & Sticky Char Siu Pork Ribs 叉烧排骨 Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe | Barbecue Pork Ribs


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  1. I tried your recipe a few days ago and the pork ribs tasted fantastic. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I have been following your channel for the past months and so far, your recipes really suit my family. This is the best Chinese cooking channel ! Thanks again!

  2. Any suggestion for what else i can use my fermented red tofu in. Thanks ….this is my alternative to one of your other rib recipes done with the pressure cooker, a family fave.

  3. Can this be braised in the oven at low heat around 160c covered for 2.5-3hrs ? Like in a similar way u make bbq pork ribs that are fall off the bone. Then put under the broiler basted with the sauce for 10 mins to grill both sides flipping halfway. Doing this for New years eve

  4. Very nice, didn't have the red beancurd or maltose but used some honey. This came out very well will be doing this recipe again, the ribs were nice before reducing the sauce. Added the missing ingredients to my Chinese market shopping list so ill ask them for it soon. Thanks.

  5. Hi Roland, my ribs was tough and never fall off the bones.. Any possible reasons why? Cos I followed the recipe except replaced maltose with honey and red fermented bean with red colouring and salt

  6. User quite literally had me drooling the entire time! I am new to your channel I will not deny however, I absolutely enjoy your voice and your cooking style. You make things so much simpler than what we thought they were; for that I implore you sir 🙏🙏

  7. Sir, can you kindly demonstrate how to make teochew porridge dishes eg hae bee hiam, spicy mincer meat with black beans, ginger steam fish, the spicy sour dipping chilli etc. Thank you!! 👍🏼😋

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