Sunday Pork Roast


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  1. Nothing worse than not seeing the roast being lifted out of the roasting dish and then seeing how it cuts/shreds or how the veg really looks after cooking. It's like you forget the ending of a story. But your seasoning rub looked fab and totally adding the apple juice. Yum

  2. Thanks for the timing and temperatures!!!!! That’s always what I get hung up on . This roast can be eaten with a plastic spoon because it’s so tender .

  3. I made this recipe after watching the video. I didn't have apple juice so I used apple cider. Also my pork piece was about half that thickness. Everyone loved it, bit I found it a bit too dry
    … Could be that the pork was too lean. How should I adjust the recipe for leaner pork?

  4. Tried this recipe tonight and it was amazing. Worked out really well. Had to tweak it a bit on timing as I used a leaner, smaller roast that I already had but none the less it was tender and delicious and so were the veggies. Yummo. I didn’t have a sprig of fresh rosemary so I just used a little dried and it was fine. Thank you so much for the delicious recipe. Next time I will try the Honey Dijon pork loin roast. x

  5. Best pork roast I’ve had! Thank you for this recipe! I made it in my Dutch oven but now I want to make several at the same time for a bigger crowd in my slow cooker. How long should I cook in my slow cooker?

  6. In the video the pan was not covered, so I tried it in an exactly same way. But then my vegetables turned dry !! I just covered the tray with aluminum foil and am waiting for the result. Is there anyone who has a same problem?

  7. I tried this recipe tonight on my pork shoulder and it turned out SO GOOD! And I typically don't like the taste of pork. I didn't make any adjustments, just followed the recipe exactly as was given.

  8. This recipe was a big hit in my family. Tastes and smells awesome. The only tweak I made was I replaced the apple juice with vegetable stock and a pinch of sugar. Thank you!

  9. Hello stay at home chef, I really like what I saw in your recipe. I will use it this week. I have been cooking pork buts and pork ribs in the oven for a few years now. Your spice rub is very close to the one use, I add brown sugar to the rub, after rubbing in I add honey and knead it all over.

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