Silky Smooth Chocolate Soup Recipe


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  1. We call it a "slurry" in America because cornstarch mixed in water is literally a slurry. By the definition of the word.

    Manure in water and cement mix in water are both also slurries.

  2. I find myself watching your recipes and Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I want to try to make some of your recipes they look very easy and look very delicious thanks again and please keep the deliciousness coming especially no bake recipes

  3. Hi Gemma, my twin and I are fans and would love to congratulate you on your book, I only hope that from here on you can grow even more and that we get even more content from you. My sister and I were taught by you how to make ice cream and because of your simple way of making ice cream we were able to serve our friends ice cream and they love the texture and all I can say is " Subscribe to Gemma". I have two questions 1) I am from South Africa and there are certain fruits that my country produces one of my most loves are peaches, pineapple , banana, grapes and sweet melon. I wanted to ask as to how do I go about making a peach flavour ice cream and what can I pair the ice cream with? 2) For this recipe can I make use of Lindt 75% dark chocolate?

  4. I am Chinese but grew up here in Germany and we had this chocolate soup in kindergarten for lunch sometimes with rusk and banana slices, ah good old memories. :3

  5. I just received my BBB cookbook! It’s gorgeous! First impression was ooh it’s bigger than I thought it would be. I love the way the book has been set out; Wooden spoon & bowl. No oven; Mixer; to name but a few chapters! My favorites are all there with new exciting recipes too. I had many happy discovery moments like, yes Afghans!! I had them in NZ & never thought I could make them. Or oooh Straawberry & Cream spongecake…that’s going to be my bday cake🎂. I know this is a long review, but it’s a really lovely cookbook! Cookies, cakes, brûlée’s, ice cream, & yes there’s chocolate. 🥰 The love & passion in the pages shows. Thank you Gemma for your hard work! 💖💖💖

  6. Hey..I loved d way u keep it simple..pls make a video to bake bread at home without egg and would be great if we could bake it in a pressure cooker..cuz I don't really prefer to use oven…

  7. Hi Gemma your beautiful Bigger Bolder Cookbook has just arrived in the post. I've spent the last 30 minutes salivating over your wonderful recipes. I'm still only on page 134 'Rhubard & Orange Custard Tarts' with 186 more pages to go!! I just had to drop everything to say Congratulations🥳 and to wish you every success with your fabulous book…you deserve it. Maith thú a Gemma!!

  8. This is the first recipe that I make from your cookbook , but I use white chocolate and the taste sooooooooooooo amazing, & I will use my creativity to make chocolate soup into red velvet soup😘😘😘😘

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