Roasted Spatchcock CHICKEN Recipe – ONE PAN Chicken Dinner


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  1. She sounds like a vice-president candidate who ran with McCain, when she had a string of adjectives, at the end of demonstration…she also, pronounces every letter and speaks so clearly…and is smart.

  2. I only seen this video two days ago, and yesterday I bought all the ingredients, and today I will cook it😁the thing is. When it's in the oven, do you turn the veg over half way through and pour the juices over the chicken, or do you just leave it?

  3. I'm doing this (well, no not this exactly) without watching you & ended up cutting the back instead lmbo! That was such a whack job had to cut the whole chicken in half. I realized something was wrong so I looked up this video & oh well duh! Hahaha! Might have added too much lemon to the butter & olive oil rained instead of drizzled! Ugh I'm waiting for it to finish in the oven but I know or hope it will taste as good as yours looks! Happy Holidays Natasha!
    -the burned out cook

  4. Hey Natasha, I am only ten years old and I am a big fan of your channel! I love cooking with a passion, and I usually make dinner for my family every weekend, but last time I did, I accidentally split a bit of salt in my chicken pie and all my siblings laughed at me and called me a bad cooker. So I am going to make this tomorrow and I’m sure it will turn out amazing 😍

  5. This has been on my radar for about 9 months, I finally made it last night. It was delicious! I did brine my bird, personal preference. My veggies did not cook at the same rate, I had to transfer the chicken to a serving platter and cook them about 10 minutes longer. In all, what a great recipe, I will be making this for guests in the future! A+ Natasha!

  6. Hi Natasha, planning to make this for Thanksgiving as my household is not a fan of turkey. A question, is there a gravy or sauce that can go with this chicken?

  7. Thank you for sharing with us this recipe is really really yummy😋my husband my family and friends love it!..God always bless you to shared with us your talent,your wonderful and gorgeous woman🥰😊

  8. Uhhh, delicious and healthy! This crispy, juicy, yummy, and super flavored chicken is perfect for the forthcoming holiday seasons! I'll surely add this to my lists of recipes.

  9. Hello, Natasha. I tried this recipe today. There were no Brussels sprouts at home, so I use zucchini and broccoli and carrots. My picky little brother loved the chicken and my mom loved the potatoes infused with the chicken flavor. Thank you very much for another awesome, easy-to-do, and yummy recipe.

  10. Natasha, you always come through for me. I'm making this spatchcock chicken today with your apple puff pastry slab as dessert. You're amazing, thank you for letting us into you life and sharing all your cooking secrets.😘😘😘😘😘

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