Puff pastry desserts easy| cream horns puff pastry filled with Italian homemade patisserie custard


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  1. Ciao beautiful people, hope you are all well. Today I want to share a yummy recipe to make “CANNOLI ALLA CREMA”, known as cream horns in English. Thank you Barbara for the lovely request 🌸😘 if you liked the video, please 👍🏻 and share 🦋 thank you and have a lovely day ❤️x

  2. These do look like they're easy to make so I'll give these a try. I may be doing a lot of baking since we're snowed in here, Hope you're having a relaxing weekend Antonio!

  3. Hey Antonio 👋 I hope you're well! another delicious looking dish 🥰 I always wondered how that shape was formed – that tool you wrap it in is so simple but effective 👌I've not seen the custard recipes, need to check it out but well done on them performing so well! Thanks for sharing 😍

  4. Well that saves a lot of research. My 91 year old aunt has given me her vintage cream horn shapers (can't think what to call them). They are really cone shaped coming to a point. I was wondering about how to use them. Might give them a go now. Thank you. Have a great weekend 💗

  5. Hi Antonio, well dont these look delicious. I do something similiar but not with custard. I just make a sugar, cinnamon mixture and butter and make a paste, add some pecans, and put it in the bottom of the pan and cut the dough into little round balls, drop them in and let them bake. I stir up a little powder sugar and milk and drizzle on top while hot. They are delicious but I would love to try it with a filling like you did. Great share sweetie. TFS and have a blessed and creative weekend. Hugs from VA.

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