One Pot Recipe in 15 mins! Claypot Chicken Rice 砂煲鸡饭 Chinese Stove Top & Rice Cooker Recipe


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  1. We really like this. Made this twice but with rice cooker as we don't have a claypot. It still tastes really good! The only negative- I end up eating too much rice 😛

  2. Hi, I juz recently bought a la gourmet claypot (3L) before the cny that u are using to cook the claypot rice. I have followed closely to ur instructions to cook. It was aromatic when almost done but unfortunately the claypot juz cracked into half. Why does this happen? Is there's any tip before using the claypot? I took some photos and sent over to la gourmet and they are nice to exchange another set for me. I dare not try to cook this recipe again for fearing the claypot will crack again. How does ur claypot withstand the heat without any crack? I have been using most of your recipes for my daily cooking but unfortunately this claypot rice was not a success for me. I think I have to stick to cook this recipe in the rice cooker.

  3. Hi Rolland, what a lovely dish would love to indulge into it, but such a pity we dont get the salted fish to make the crispy, nor the other salty one. Just look at how lovely the dish is and imagine the taste. Bona petit!!!

  4. One problem I faced though, the burnt bits of rice that stuck to the clay pot. It's a bitch to remove them. The burnt rice is tasty though. Any thoughts on how removing the stuck burnt rice to the base of the clay pot easily? I soaked the pot for two days and I still need some hard scrubbing to get it off eventually.

  5. Nice recipe – thanks. Why don’t you keep the salted fish oil and use that as a base? Seems like a waste of that flavor. You can adjust for the salt

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