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  1. There you have it guys! By popular demand here it finally is! Cuban style roasted pork in the ninja foodi! Don't forget to ask for your favorite recipe so we can make it for you! You guys are AWESOME!

  2. Lechon asa'o! Love it guys. Looks fantastic and a very classic recipe. De un parajo, dos alas. Thanks for the shout out to arroz con gandules, haha. Cheers!

  3. Recipe looks AHHHH-MAZING!
    Question: After the Pork was done pressure cooking, and you then put the Foodi on Bake/Roast to finish it off, it appeared that you remove it from the rack and place it in the liquid when you bake/roast, correct?
    Reason I ask is because the rack could be seen in the pressure cooking stage, but when the lid was removed in the bake/roast stage, there was no rack.
    Also, can the Sour Orange mix be purchased in such places as WalMart, or would I have to go to a specialty store to find it?
    Thanks, in advance!

  4. Hey guys! I used your method to make this lechón. I used the key west Caribbean marinade which I injected into the meat, the Sazón tropical to cover the outside, drilled holes into the meat and plugged with garlic cloves and put the rest of the marinade in a plastic bag with the meat and let it marinate overnight. I cooked it in the NInja foodi and cooked it like you showed and it was AMAZING!! I can’t thank you guys enough for having your channel. Your recipes are honest and good. I’m learning how to make Cuban recipes from your videos especially since I’ve lost my mom (mentally but not physically) to Alzheimer’s so your videos are that meaningful for me. I have a request…. PLEASE ATTEMPT VACA FRITA. That is my favorite meal and would love to learn how to do from you guys in the foodi. I trust you will make it delicious and how my momma used to make it :). Thank you for your videos!

  5. Hello i am finally about to try this recipe,,i was sick for christmas and new years smh i noticed in 1 comment you said natural release and in another you said quick release,,which 1 is it please..

  6. cubana y vivo en Miami hace 4 años…tengo 76 años y no sé inglés..sestoy subscrita a su canal porq me compre la olla Ninfa fondista..desearía q subtitularan sus programas para poder entenderlos..gracias…me gusta mucho sus recetas

  7. Very good video! I hope to try this sometime. Santa brought me a Ninja Foodi and I am still experimenting with it. The slits stuffed with garlic reminds me of the way my mother made roast beef. She did it that way. This is the only recipe I have ever seen doing that! Great flavor! Thanks again!

  8. Used my Ninja tonight to make this. This Ninja is a piece of crap….followed the directions to the letter…and it did not work. Throwing away a huge amount of food. DO NOT BUY THE NINJA FOODIE…..GARBAGE!

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