My Recipe for Escape | Italy & Switzerland


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  1. I honestly think that without the voiceover the video would have been much better and more special. I get where you're coming from and it is really cool video, but at times you sound like someone who thinks he's smarter than the viewer, when in reality you are just stating obvious things. Things you are already showing in the shots.

  2. Dude, I feel this. Your life is similar to mine. I lived across the water from seattle for 2 years. I work from home on a computer creating digital content all day. Wife and I toured like this around Lake Como and the Swiss Alps last year. Amazing. I have 1 young son. We go high up in the Colorado mountains every year to build a cabin. Yeah, I feel this.

  3. The Incas had this religious belief that their gods lived in their mountains. That’s why they worshiped them. I learned that at the Inca Trail. Curiously enough there were this girl’s form Switzerland in my group. So yeah, mountains are the realm of gods. And historically people escaping form government opresión move to the mountains, whole communities. All over the world.

  4. Love your vlogs. Beautiful quality work you have made…very inspiring. Thanks very much for creating and freely sharing your talented work. It takes so much time, money and effort to create your quality vlogs. It is very much appreciated!

  5. The best thing about Switzerland is that it is not big and our neighbors. In no time you can also enjoy the beauty of France, Italy, Germany or Austria, all in a max range of a few hours by car or train. The different landscapes, food, culture and history so close, make this part of Europe so special.

  6. honestly, when I grow up I'm gonna marry an Italian woman and live with her like this, it will be so beautiful and romantic. I am a British person from London and I would say that in the UK our cities look better rather than our nature like if you see London you would know how beautiful the city of London (one of London's two financial districts) skyline looks at night, but nature wise… the only thing in the UK that looks good is the green countryside, but Italy/Switzerland is just different…

  7. This is just me. Can't even add anything more to it.
    The border region of Switzerland and Italy is def one of the most beautiful places in the world.
    Having the privilage to live here and even better, drive those red trains trough the mounatins myself is just too perfect.
    You made me appreciate my life even more. Thanks!

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