Last Minute Easy Party Snack Recipes (Vegan)


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  1. If you're like me, you like for the bottom to have as much goodness as the top. I always feel cheated when I order nachos and the bottom is nothing but chips. So if you're going to make this nacho pizza at home, just do it in layers, but remember not to add too much of the sauce at the bottom or it might make it a bit soggy before you're able to enjoy them all. I don't know that this actually lasts that long in my house. This pizza is so unbelievably good, though. Definitely try it! I will be making it for the Superbowl. I add a little more basil on mine because it's a wonderful complement to any pizza or nacho style dish.

  2. Almost makes me want to have a party! Alas my 14 year daughter has just bought stuff for her Halloween party and none of it is as fun as this, but it's easier. Wish I'd seen this first though.

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