Kabuli (Afghani) Pulao Recipe || Beef Afghani Pulao Perfect for Eid || kun foods


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  1. بریانی۔۔۔۔ ابلے ہوئے چاول میں اگر چکن ٹھونس دو تو چکن بریانی اور اگر مٹن ایک پیس اوپر رکھ دو تو مٹن بریانی بس مارکیٹ میں یھی کھایا ھے

  2. No disrespect to this brother, but his “facts” are way off. First, it is Qabūlī, not Kabūlī, Palau. The dish hails from northern Afghanistan, historically known as Turkestan, which is a Tajik and Uzbek-dominated region. The recipe dispersed among Pashtun or Afghan brothers from the North. It’s understandable mistake though, because people of Pakistan and India often interact with Afghanistan’s cuisine and culture from the Pashtūn prism given the extensive border shared between Pakistan and the Pashtun-dominated regions of South and East Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, it is not usual for Pashtuns, other than those living in urban centres, to even have familiarity with these Turks-Persian recipes. In fact, Pashtun cuisine is much spicier and subcontinent-esque than other ethnic groups’. Even in Peshawar, some of the most prominent Palau restaurants are run by Uzbeks who fled to Pakistan during the war.

    Peace and blessings!

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