Japanese stew recipe


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  1. Good food makes the world go round. Money just pays for it.

    After much deliberation I subbed to the Metatron only to have him pass me on to another great mix of food, history and art.
    (Not that those three things are easily separable, mind. Can't have one without the other two being involved somehow!).

  2. This looks good,it's also simple and from the looks of it it can be finished in 40-50 mins with prep.I will give it a go since i never had stew before and i was looking for a simple recipe to try.Thanks for the video

  3. Fine, but please adjust the volume levels next time. Now I had to turn it up to full blast, and that's always a pain (real, in my ears) if I forget to turn it back to the usual levels. Which happens more often than I'd care to admit.

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