Japanese Egg Sandwich たまごサンド (7/11-style Tamago Sando) Recipe


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  1. This egg sandwiches are a common thing in our country. Interesting that it's famous in 7-11 Japan. I used to dislike this when I was younger because I don't like mayonnaise even up to now lol. We rarely cook this in our house but it's just mayo and boiled egg. Last time I tasted it was really years ago haha. The only difference is the kewpie which tastes so much better than regular mayonnaise. I might make this since I have a lot of mayo on my refrigerator lol.

  2. i normally avoid egg sandwich recipe cause they're usually bland..needless to say this is the first time i've made and ate an egg sandwich that isn't bland and sad…10/10..I now have a new breakfast recipe to add to my collection

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