Jacques Pépin Recipe: Carrots with Chives


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  1. His knife skills are still amazing…how nice of him to suggest us mere mortals to use a food processor without making us guilty about it! Without a doubt the coolest octogenarian on the planet!

  2. I made this 2 days ago, but needed to substitute Chalotes with yellow onlin due to quarantine and I used dries chives and my family was so overwhelmed by this that I need to do it today. It will be permanent side dish on our menue.

  3. I'm not so crazy about carrots but I bet these are amazing. And I could watch him cook anything. Eggs make me nauseous, but I've watched his omelette video at least 10 times. Thank you Jacques

  4. It's March 23, 2020. I'm in California, stuck at home for obvious reasons. I have some nice carrots in the fridge, and will try this recipe . Thank you Chef. And stay safe.

  5. I like Raymond Blanc, Simon Hopkinson, and now Jacques Pepin. A lot of so called chefs are just overrated performers. Nigel, well she is a appealing in a different way.

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