Italian Chef Reacts to GORDON RAMSAY Carbonara Video


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  1. I'd be so much more interested in watching Gordon create restaurant dishes rather than these bastardised classics that are supposed to help the home chef. He needs to stop muscling in on an area that is already saturated and done much better and play to his strengths. At least when Heston recreates a classic he does it with some thought and finesse and applies the knowledge from his craft to make it educational and interesting – Gordon is just making himself look like a bit of a clown tbh

  2. "If you put mushroom in a burger. Do you still call it a CLASSIC burger?"
    No .. But he didn't call his carbonara classic either.
    The argueably the most succesful chef in history. So I guess his carbonara is better than the italians 😂

  3. In greece we kinda do the same..
    Throw in whatever you have that's Mediterranean and enjoy
    These royal feelings italians have are ridiculous for us. Just eat and say thanks jeez

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