Indian Mom's Morning Routine | Making Breakfast, Cleaning Home, Lunch Preparation | Mix Veg Recipe


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  1. सोकर उठने के बाद तो मेरे आखों में भी आंसू आते हैं और चेहरा धोने के बाद भी ताजगी नही आती खैर आप का ब्लाग बहुत सुन्दर है।
    आपने हर काम बहुत खूबसूरत ढंग से किया है आपकी आबाज भी बहुत Attractive है।।

  2. Because of thyroid even mere saat b aisi hota hi no worry but regular checkup karwalena iam south indian aapka pasta, rajma, paneer i have tried it is awesome and turai sabji simple wala simply superb mam.

  3. Hyyy, morning m mera bhi yhi haal hota hai, evening m hi energy rhti hai , eyes wali problem to same to same mujhe bhi ho rhi hai pta ni q 😁itching, tears, infect mirchi wali bhi feeling 😇

  4. You have dry eye syndrome dear. You can use good lubricant eyedrops over-the-counter something very safe like Just Tears or may be your specs ka number might have changed, nothing serious. It might be due to screen time. Splash wash your eyes often with normal water as much as possible. Hope this helps. As always a very good vlog dear. My curry patta plant toh did not grow only, I tried everything in my power and knowledge. Take care dear. Lots of love

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