I Tested the Big Mac Beef Wellington – Viral Recipes Tested


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  1. Hi David, I'm new to your channel and I must say I really like it. But I notice you only recreate dish made by other youtuber or personalities. What about making a series trying to make dishes from OTHER COUNTRY? Like for example I'm from the Philippines and I havent seen any Filipino dish here, or maybe other Asia classic dish like Indian, or some other country. I think this will your your channel more variety. Just a thought, have a nice day.

  2. you can ask for big mac sauce in the USA they wont give it to you in a fancy dipping container they put it in just a generic container. in fact you can but as much sauce as you want.

  3. when it comes to the packages of big mac sauce in europe dip sauces for your french fries is the big rage. so fast food places offer a selection some others are BBQ, mayo, sriracha mayo, burger sauce and nacho cheese are fairly common.

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