Husband's Tiffin Recipe | 5 Office Lunch box Ideas | Indian Lunch recipes |Dinner Ideas |CholeChawal


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  1. Mai maine 3 din me aap k mostly videos dekhe h meri shadi hone Vali h aur mere fiance 9-5 duty krte h jb meri shadi ho jaygi mai aap k videos dekh k unke liye lunch bnaungi bcz mujhe cooking nhi aati h plzz aap aur bhi aisi recipes laiye ga jo km time me aur tasty bne 😊

  2. I'll try thepla… Very nice recipe… Chhole & polao r also very nice… But being a Bengali I want to say …. We don't use lauki in traditional chholar dal recipe…. Coconut aur thora sa hone se tasty hota hay…it's a veg recipe for Bengali where we don't use onion & garlic…. Aur chholar daal zarur try kijiye ga 'luchi' means Puri or plain paratha k sath… Thank u mam…. Ur presentation is very good 👍

  3. Everything is nice about Ur video. Only thing I did not like is "Husband's" tiffin….kyu? Sirf husband jaate kya office mein? Sister, sister in law, mother ,aunty yeh log nahi karte kya kaam? Aap title mein sirf "tiffin /lunch ideas for all working people" bhi likh sakte ho !!! Aur sab kuchh husband k liye kyu karna hai? Kuch aap khud k liye bhi kijiye !!! Aap influencer log hee sikha sakte ho women ko ki thoda time khud khud k liye nikaale… Thoda pyaar apne aap se bhi karein !!

    PS – I'm happily married also my husband cooks for me whatever I wish to eat .. ofcourse not daily… But we both care for each other !!!

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