Husband's Lunch Boxes For The Whole Week | Indian Lunch Box Recipes For Office (Veg) | Saloni


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  1. Hey Saloni
    Love your content
    Could you please link from where you bought the your nonstick cookware
    I’ve been Looking to gift my mom the same
    Would really appreciate if u manage a reply😊
    Stay blessed

  2. Somehow ended up with this video while searching for inspiration, as I've run out of ideas on what to prepare and take to office for lunch and your recipes are absolutely amazing, do not seem time consuming at all and are highly suited to someone living abroad. I'll try them out next week. Thank you so much!

    I usually prepare dinner and take the same item for lunch the next day. Do you have any suggestion on how I can manage this with the pasta sauce? Because when the pasta is stored in the fridge, the sauce almost disappears the next day 🙁

  3. dear, please, the pasta DOES NOT COOK IT SO! it is appreciable that you cook for your husband, but I am Italian and seeing this way of cooking pasta has made my skin crawl! the cooking time is written on the box, but you have to put the pasta when the water is boiling and then calculate the cooking time! a portion of pasta is 80 grams, the sauce should be made with olive oil (if you prefer butter you should put less of it). also put too much, too much salt and too much garlic (your husband works alone? otherwise after lunch with all that garlic …. poor colleagues!). I'm sorry if I tell you certain things, but you can't really cook a pasta dish like that!

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