How to Make World's Best Sweet Potato Pie | Dessert Recipes |


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  1. Este es el único postre estadounidense que me gustaría algún día hacer, además me parece super fácil de hacer, además quede antojado después de ver una escena de la película de "Yo robot" donde Will Smith come un gran y apetitoso "sweet potatoe pie" y aunque el del vídeo se ve delicioso también, el de la película se veía exquisito y para alguien de apetito de ballena jajajaja

  2. Love love love sweet potato pies. I prefer the simple recipe without the cinnamon, allspice and the stuff.
    For me keep it simple so that I can taste the potatoes.
    I like this recipe minus the vanilla extract.

  3. This is the one I grew up on, in the South. If I wanted a Pumpkin pie I would use all the spices to make it taste that way. This is simple and Delicious, you can actually taste the pie not the overspiced version❣

  4. The best pies, or any food for that matter, are the ones you make, with your love. We can both use the same recipe, and have different results. Yours is the best! Remember that. 😍😊 This one does look bomb tho. 😂

  5. Slice the potatoes before cooking and mashing them, there are unpleasant strings running thru the pie. This way you cut the strings into smaller strands so they dont get stuck in teeth or ruin the texture.

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