How to grill Beef Short Ribs | Recipe


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  1. This brother got it on the top shelf!!! Been watching for a while now and I really appreciate the knowledge on the grill!! Love it when he say “MAN”😂 blessings to the Pit Boys!!🙏🏾

  2. Amazing old man chef 😂
    Bbq pit boys always on my list when I open youtube.

    The most moment that i like. When they waiting the food done they always pretend like sniper shoot the can of beer over the woods. 😎😎😎

  3. Just made this for my wife, who previously said she hated anything I cooked on my charcoal grill and she loved it!!! Thanks guys, I think we have converted another non-believer! 😉

  4. I've got to quit watching videos like this one at a time of day when I have yet to eat, call it torture!  Will definitely give this one a go very soon in my Weber… looks very, very delicious!

  5. Marinate 24 hours 1st, then to the oven at 270 for 5 hours. Then to the grill, high heat turning often so they don't burn. Let them rest for 5 to 10 minutes then…chow!!!

  6. This was entertaining to watch.  Kind of a Top Chef/Dukes of Hazard sort of thing.  Looks really good.  I have some regular beef backs that I'm going to try again (I have never made them well but going to try again another method, eh) but this looks so good that I'm going to get some short ribs and experiment.

  7. Mmmm yum u know what else for a tough meat Like that I like boiling them before I grill em.. But beef ribs can b so difficult maybbi is right. Maybe it depends on the cut…yo foil em up is always a plus for me as well if I don't boil em before grilling..Thx BBQ pit boys!!!!

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