How to Cook a Steak: Easy Recipe


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  1. I love these guys, I’m not sure if they really know the comedy level of this to people that can cook, cooking a steak video almost boiling a egg 101 level, but then the guy fucks it, “ a minute longer and you get done” lol I’m guessing that means medium rare. And then it’s burnt. Needs you guys are amazing, comedy gods, a terrible cook cooking the simplest food on a gaming channel. I’m buying a t shirt

  2. Neebs Gaming needs a once a week cooking segment, now if it takes a normal video of the day away or not is up to y’all but I’d love Thick and Simon going at different things they find fun or audience choices and maybe do an occasional cook off every once and awhile on some crazy sandwich ideas against one another. Love yalls content and hope you and your families stay safe during the Quarantine.

  3. As a professional chef, this is an excellent tutorial. I personally like to add red onion dusted with demerara sugar to caramelize it, it add a sweetness to the beurre noisette which offsets the savoury and gives another dimension to the glaze

  4. I like my steak well done, why? Because i dont want things to melt in the mouth, i want to rip and tare into the meat like a savage rather than “ like i want it tender and juicy” i want a restraint in the meat

  5. I used to be a measly boy weeb that played minecraft. But now thanks to Thick44 teaching me how to steak like a man my life has changed. My beard now grows 6 inches overnight. I now have 5 girlfriends and 4 wheel drive on my car. I no longer order steak at a restaurant I goto the back and show them how to cook thick44 style, Manly. Much like the butter technique he has marbleized me into a thick man. Thank you thick44

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