Healthy Egg Soup Recipe | अंडे का सूप | Egg Drop Soup Recipe | Kabitaskitchen


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  1. Madam main apne Ghar se bhout dur rehta hu. Aaj mujhe bhout bhookh lagi this or maine ye video dekh k use banaya bilkul wese hi jaise tumne kaha …Sach batau to kabhi mil gai tum mujhe to police case karuga tum bilkul bekaaar

  2. I am trying it for the third time now.. and yet I just can't make the egg drop like this! It just clumps up and looks like wet scrambled eggs!! They just don't become like this thin slimey texture like the restaurant I don't know why!!! I followed the whole procedure.. hot boiling water, 2 eggs, drop little and mix… But it doesn't happen like that, just clumps up!! Please please tell me what am I doing wrong?

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