HALAL COOKING | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:Potato chicken【 CHICKEN recipes halal】


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  1. Ingredients:
    1000g chicken, 500g potatoes, 100g bean paste
    Grass fruit, star anise, fennel seed, Chinese pepper, bay leaf, clove, dried chili, ginger, garlic
    Salt, rapeseed oil, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce

    1. Use salt to massage the whole body of the chicken, clean and cut into pieces
    2. Cut potatoes into large pieces
    3. Pour rapeseed oil into the pot, stir-fry the ingredients for 2 minutes
    4. Add chicken, add salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fry for 5 minutes
    5. Put potatoes in the pressure cooker first, pour in the fried chicken
    6. Cook for 20 minutes, the potato chicken is out of the pot

  2. Can someone please tell me what that grass fruit is?? I don’t think we have it here in the Uk. Is there a replacement for it?? Someone please answer I really want to make this dish

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