Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman's Meal – Higher Resolution


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  1. hmm, I ate potatoes with sausages yesterday … + ketchup, onions and garlic. sometimes rice and sausages, instead of rice you can buckwheat, or vermicelli. and cheese
    you can boil potatoes, you can fry, you can make potato pancakes, well, you can make mashed potatoes, and you can make zrazy with cabbage from mashed potatoes

  2. In 1995 I had to work in Berkeley which was a 3-hour commute. Luckily for me, in many ways, my 86 year old grandma was living there and I stayed with her during the week. I was smart enough to recognize the opportunity to pick her brain. We talked about so many things from the depression and life during WW2. When the United States was indeed UNITED.

  3. I make this on a regular basis, Before I even watched this video. Quick, easy, and cheap. Add some veggies and this meal is a hit. Also, have left overs? Crack n egg in the morning over it and bam… there you go. I grew up on this stuff… but then again… we was dirt poor.

  4. Clara was a couple years older than my Mom and Dad (1920 and 1918), which makes me a old guy myself! My original family are all gone now, but watching Clara brings my family back to me. Thank You! Oh my mother-in-law resembled Clara quite a bit!

  5. i wonder if thats the origian of of sausage and potatoes recipe i make chop onion celery cut and cook potatoes slice smoked sausage throw in a pot 2 cups of water cook it down 40 min done

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