Garlic Pepper Pork หมูทอดกระเทียมพริกไทย | Thai Recipes


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  1. No one want Raw Pork. It still contain some unseen ….. Fill in blanks. I was reared on a Farm with all kinds of animals. Pork should be Fully Cooked. This is my opinion, not public opinion.

  2. Hi Pailin, can you do a video in the types of flour to use for the different kind of effects that we want from frying? Eg. Rice flour gives a crispy coat but it can make the coating hard if too much is added. I see that you used corn flour, what kind of texture does it give to the pork?

  3. I really like both your recipes, but I especially appreciate how you have grown in your presentation skills. I'm also a kind of teacher and entertainer, which I think you are, as well as a being a wonderful cooking teacher. Your smile and positive, upbeat tempo to your lessons is so encouraging and engaging. Nice job! I hope that your little one is doing well!

  4. I just tried your recipe for dinner tonight, following your directions to the letter. IT CAME OUT AMAZING!!! I couldn't use a whole pork butt though, so I just bought two pork chops, and cut them up. I like my Thai food spicy, so I also bought one serrano pepper, slicing it thin and throwing it in, too. Perfect. This dish was so delicious that its going to be one my my all-time favorites. Thanks for posting.

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