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  1. Making it tonight using the higher quality Kerrygold pure Irish butter. Can’t wait to taste it. Thanks for the recipe. Always something good on the grill when Sam’s on.

  2. I know you are not afraid of chicken. But you still shouldnt toss chicken from the sky onto a pan. That splatters salmonella all over your kitchen. Not a pro but im a bit of a painter and I understand splatter and how far it can actually travel.
    Btw is raw chicken juice actually called salmonella or is that something that you contract via raw chicken juice?

  3. Just like different butters and ideas on what to Cook with the chicken maybe you could do the whole meal with a desert? As long as it doesn't take to long to prepare, good for 20-30 minute you tube video! Thanks

  4. Love your recipes…but you need to me more concise…you’re too verbose and too much extraneous bullshit. It get old…you have so much potential. You need a good producer/director.

  5. Crazy! Right when I started the video I was thinking, if I ever see Sam around when getting tacos, I'm going to let out a "ASTRO!" and it just so happen to be said in the video. I must do it now!

  6. Your a rock star Sam! Love watching your videos! Your the best on you tube for a cooking show. Presentation, personality, originality, the recipes are amazing and your setting is outstanding. Your kitchen is second to none. Those are some serious appliances going on there. Keep up the good work and continued success!

  7. Sam, I used to think maybe there was a possibility that you were overacting a bit playing up the taste of your creations. I just made these sandwiches tonight. I made all the same sounds you do while eating it. Well played sir. Well played.

  8. Hey guy my name is Lavelle and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I came across your page about two months ago. I love your channel. I made this chicken tonight for the first time. Man I’m over here in food “Heaven” 😇😇😇 Man it’s was good with mash potatoes and broccoli 🥦 with cornbread with cheese 🧀 and jalapeño‼️ Thank you guys again for the recipe it was a hit‼️ Happy New Year’s to you guys!

  9. My boyfriend and I live for this chicken! I am not exaggerating when I say we make this at least 2x a month. We love to grill up a bunch at one time and then utilize it in multiple meals that week. Night 1 we always eat it fresh with some roasted potatoes on the side or maybe some sort of veg. But then the options are endless! This chicken is so perfect to repurpose for leftovers!! I will make tacos, put it on top of a big salad, make a tasty chicken sandwich/wrap, or throw it in a quesadilla. We’re pretty obsessed with this channel and recreate A LOT of your recipes, but we make this chicken the most frequent because of its versatility. P.S. I would be so stoked to win #samsgiving2020…. but I’m sure my odds aren’t great amongst all the other 2.45M subscribers! Y’all are so popular 😜

  10. Hey sam,

    I made this at home. It was incredibly easy and like no complicated or multi tiered steps. I love all of your recipes, but i especially love these ones. A terrible chef like me can still make this taste solid!

    Season’s blessings to you and the family,

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