French Lemon Soufflé Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 5


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  1. this is horrible lol…you mixed the egg whites in too much causing the air out of them..thats why they didn't rise when you cooked it… awful..don't teach if you, yourself don't know how to make it.

  2. You should make a lemon curd first. Look at Gordan Ramseys's vid and use that recipe for lemon curd, and then use the remaining egg whites and an additional egg white or 2 to make the meringue. There was just not enough lift in that souffle. You have to cook out the egg yolk first like making a creme patissiere, with the addition of a lemon flavor, hence the lemon curd. Also, you didn't coat the ramekin's with butter and sugar. We either missed that part, or you didn't add or make it like that.

  3. Actually, I am very proud of you that at 14 years old you voice your opinion with such clarity and confidence! good job 🙂
    I must admit, this is not one of my best recipe/video 🙂

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