Easy Upma recipe for breakfast | उपमा बनाने का आसान तरीका | Chef Ranveer Brar


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  1. Coming from a Jain family we had upma..most of the time…but I never liked it as my mom used to put a lot of raaiiiii…but now tat I started making the same way..I skip raii and add a little milk…and no onions…still taste…best…

  2. Loved your video as usual! The background music was just so good to listen to! It was as if I was transported to a different world. I am now confused whether to add this video in my food playlist or music playlist.

  3. Authentic recipe of upma… If we add few peanuts before adding onions and fry it lil it gives next level taste😋😋😋 and perfect measurements of rawa and water which is very very important in upma for right texture and taste

  4. I would really love to know chef RB,s daily workout routine . Eating such delicious meals daily and being visibly and physically fit is the real challenge so please share your daily workout routine. I’ve put on 10lbs by just watching ur vids halppp plz

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