Easy Recipe: Homemade Chinese Meat Rolls 五香卷 Lor Bak / Ngoh Hiong • Chinese Pork Recipe


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  1. Love your recipes especially your Malaysian style dishes. Learnt a lot n have make a few dishes during our stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne . Thanks N much appreciated

  2. Chanced upon yr channel.. Tried this recipe ytdy. Gosh, nicer than those served in some restaurants. The cut of the meats, aromatic 5 spices (bought fr medical shop). Crunchiness of the onions and chestnuts…. Can't stop eating!!tx for sharing yr recipe.

  3. Watching from AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺
    Thank you for your recipes super delicious & easy to follow with measurements!
    Requesting for PORK spare ribs yum cha style your version please

  4. Beautiful. My mind was processing this type of recipe differently… you changed all that. Your methode is amazing.
    Are these really tofu skins? I've never seen anything that thin. I see the glueing process, moving the mix mass along the skin propagating the "glue" (egg, flour, mix natural juices together) from the mixture along the skin, brilliant, that's really skillful. One really wants to keep the mixture moist.
    Other channels would say it's unfair how your recipes always jump in front of the to do list… Oh well

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