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  1. I’m vegetarian, but I still get a lot of good ideas from your videos. A lot of times I can just sub the meat you use with a plant based meat. Love your videos and love your family 😊

  2. Aldi (I think) has a chopped salad that has pecans and a maple dressing. My sister in law brought it over for a dinner and we added chopped apple, extra bacon bits, feta cheese and cranberries. It made me think of your salad. It was so good!

  3. These were great lunch ideas! After 6 months of the kids being home for lunch, I never want to make sandwiches again! I'm especially excited for the french dips! Thank you

  4. I absolutely love your videos and your family and your kitty Gracie Lou. There is one recipe I have seen you do that makes my mouth water and I cannot wait to make. It is the slow cooker recipe with sliced onions, cans of green beans, onion soup mix, sliced sausage fried up with garlic and put on top along with rice pilaf from Rice a Roni. It looks divine and so warming for this cold time of year.

  5. Love the roast beef crescent rolls! I love making sausage(or ham) egg and cheese muffins. I make them all the time. Easy to freeze. Makes an easy quick breakfast for my teens.

  6. I am new to your channel but have watched so many of your dinner ideas. I really liked this video because now that we are ALL home, ALL of the time, lol, it seems that I am cooking constantly and I am in desparate need of some lunch ideas. Loved these, especially the salad 😉

  7. Awesome ideas for lunch! I’m working from home full time now, so I love saving the extra $ by eating at home but feeling stuck at lunch time bc I always eat the same thing🙈 gonna give these a try & hope you make more of these videos! 😄

  8. Please do more
    Like this! I just made the French dips and my entire family (3 kids and hubby) went wild over them and ate two pans. I didn't even eat one. Lol!

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