Cow feet soup recipe || COWHEEL SOUP RECIPES || Wilderness Cooking || COW HEEL COOKING by Tavakkul


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  1. Добрый день а мне очень интересно чисто по по-человечески вы специально готовите и кормите мальчиков это ваши подопечные

  2. Killing animals and birds for your taste buds ..I m sure everyone has to return back this pleasure in a different body or may be the suffering might come in this particular is the laws of karma and no one can escape it..Be merciful as when you show no mercy to what is below you then how can you expect mercy from what is above you ? Why humans are dying ?? Is that the reason ?? People are suffering because they dont see the animals are suffering because of them..Shame on you all ,i m sure everyone if you will get more suffering then this ,its not my curse …It is the rule of material energy of the supersoul..Hare Krishna 🙏

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