Cooking black noodle with pork grilled recipe – Cooking skill


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  1. Why at the end the middle daughter is still present, it has ruined all the video, she does not have to eat and she has a point that I hate …

  2. That black seasoning powder is fire but I bet it’s loaded with msg. That’s the only thing I hate about those packaged noodles. You literally have to put your own seasoning together if you want to avoid that.

  3. I usually try to ignore the girl in the middle, but today is too much. I’d rather look at barn animals feeding than watch her stuff her mouth and listening to her moans as if this is her first encounter with food! I really wish that someone would tell them that as much as we enjoy the channel we don’t enjoy watching her eat.

  4. The preparation of the Food was 👍The Look and Taste 👍The one in the red eats very ladies like👍 the other two is disgusted looking. Greedy and Hungry Looking. 👎

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