Baked Vegetable Patties Recipe (Vegan & Grain-free) | How to make Vegetable Patty | Zucchini Patties


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  1. Wow tried it today, just tweaked a little , and I ate it in a chickpea wrap with spicy kimchi , was absolutely divine 😍 thank you

  2. I used garam masala, walnuts and rice flour as dry ingredients and they turned out a little bit bitter but i ate them with big spoon of yogurt each and they turned out good.

  3. Looks good, finally something with almond flour that’s easy and May taste good.
    I don’t like zucchini much; but, in this might make tasty and seasonings being in my court; maybe will give me excuse to eat vegetables as I don’t eat much.
    Can we substitute zucchini for another veggie?

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