Authentic Nigerian BITTER LEAF SOUP RECIPE| How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup OFE ONUGBU RECIPE #Igbosoup


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  1. This really looks gooooood,and I'm sure it was delicious! Well detailed video. Please where did you get your goat meat with skin in Denmark? I can't seem to find any store that sell with the skin intact. Help a sister pls. Thank you.

  2. Chai sis this Bitterleaf soup is extremely delicious honestly the outcome is perfect looking so inviting..

    you should have called me to come and do the testing for you sis 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Nne the pot of soup is loaded with delicious goodness, that is Cameroon bitter leaf, I can perceive the aroma here and your neighborhood will be oozing with the aroma gorgeous sis, looks super delicious, mmmh salivating BonAppétit 😋❤️🙋🏾‍♀️

  4. Simple soup but yet so rich and delicious. I like the addition of oatmeal to thicken. The more bitter leaf the better. The fufu really blends well with the bitter leaf soup. So healthy and so delicious. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. I use onions as well in my bitter leaf, the type of butter leaf you used is really nice, the will takes the soup to another level of yumminess, nice sharing nne 😍👍🏽

  6. Hahaha hahaha haha Nne no be you kill Jesus for real.
    God bless you for that onions you added inside that soup…onions actually taste good in bitterleaf.
    Happy weekend dear go & balance on the floor remove your top & hammer biko..variety is the spicy of life.

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