7 Lunch recipes for weight loss | Healthy lunch ideas for weight loss | Indian Veg lunch recipes


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  1. Thanks a lot for your recipes. You’ve done a great effort which I really appreciate. I have a few questions related to the recipes, which I am listing below please try to answer them individually, in the same reply.
    1. Since I have a skin problem, my doctor does not allow me to eat soya products. So what is the replacement of soya chunks for me?
    2. I’m a Jain, hence don’t eat onion, garlic, etc. So if I simply omit them from any recipe, how will it affect its taste? Or should there be a replacement for onion-garlic?
    3. Since I’m almost vegan, is it alright for me to replace paneer with tofu and milk curd with cashew curd?
    The only thing I have non-vegan is ghee as my doctor has recommended me to have it for my skin problem, where it’s helping a lot.
    Please reply.

  2. Men Pakistan sy hon mam men by had parshan hon ap ka ya koe or diet plan men jab bhi krti hon mera jism vesy ka vesa rehta hy mager mera chehra kamzor ho jata hy jhoryan aa jati hen latak jata hy mera wheit 85 kg hy meri age 36 sal hy

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