5 Tried N' True Family Recipes! | Quick Easy Dinner Ideas | Julia Pacheco


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  1. Always looking forward ideas! 2 questions how many are you feeding? Love the ranch casserole but trying to figure if 1 chicken breast would be enough. Second question- where did you get your casserole dish I have been admiring it for several videos. 🤤😁😄

  2. Julia yum! I'm gonna make those enchaladas tonight! I love watching your videos. There is something so therapeutic for me in just watching those meals come together and listening to your sweet voice!

  3. Each one of these meals look amazing. Brinley pulling on your clothes is reminiscent of myself with my daughter 40 years ago. Hope you are doing well. Hugs to your family. 🤗🙂

  4. Mmmmmm yummy! Can almost smell these delicious meals through my iPad ! I’ll definitely be making these throughout this coming week. Thank you soo much. Have a wonderful week.xx🤗😃😃

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