5 Halloween Appetizer Ideas


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  1. Thanks LemonadeMom for the recipes! I made the Mummy Poppers…but I used regular, red and orange mini peppers, not jalapenos. I think, next time I'll try to do a tomato-based pizza sauce with sausage, rather than cream cheese though. The crescent dough is rich and satisfying, the sharp cheese is a great accent, but pizza sauce is calling my name! The Mummies were super cute and made everyone laugh.

  2. Vanessa….I love all of those cute apps you did!!! I will have to give some of this a try next year. This year I will be passing out candy at my Aunt's place for her. She is unable to walk to her door to hand candy out. I have done this for her the last couple of years. Before that I passed candy out at my parents cause they was unable to do that. Next year I am so hoping I can attend my friend's halloween party. I can make this apps to take over there to eat. Or even share this link with her to give her some ideas for her party this year. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you & your family have a wonderful weekend & halloween!!! Take care & Great Big Hugs to you girl!!!

  3. U feel so in love with these ideas!! All of these were so cute!! My favorite was the mummies!! I'm from New Mexico where it's known for the hottest chile !! I have to try this recipe!! I loved the pumpkin one also! Thanks 🙂

  4. A friend of mine did the pumpkin throwing up but made it more like nachos with cheese,olives and other stuff. She also did a wonton bats that had cream cheese chives inside. Both really good.

  5. Loved all of them hun, my big kids are doing a Halloween party at my house for all my12 grandchildren but unfortunately I'm already going out but I'm thinking of doing a couple of the ideas you gave for them,I think they will love them.x

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