5 Easy Mediterranean Recipes | PLUS GIVEAWAYS!!


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  1. Just got biopsy results, low grade dysplasia in my colon. I already have Crohn's disease so some of this stuff is hard on me, but trying to be proactive and change to a healthier diet before it turns into something. Thanks for the recipes!

  2. I'm confused. My nutritionist said butter is a big NO in the mediterranean way of eating. Is the true mediterranean or has it been westernized in some of these recipes?

  3. I agree that the Mediterranean diet is superior to any other. I’ve had it with the keto diet….it’s too restrictive and full of too many artificial ingredients like erithrotol ?.? Sugar substitutes, too many eggs! This eating plan is much more healthy with real food and much tastier! Plus, I love feta cheese on everything! Will be looking for your cookbook!

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