$5 DINNERS | FIVE Quick & Easy Cheap Meals | Julia Pacheco


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  1. I know you mentioned that you are married, how many people do you think these recipes will feed? I really enjoy your videos they are very easy to follow and you have such a kind voice. Thank you!!

  2. These are great! Thank you:) keep making these videos. I must add that these are super creative and my son is 16 months! So I am looking for creativity and toddler friendly foods! Thanks you

  3. As long as you're putting out these frugal menu videos, you might want to mention to people to keep their vegetable scraps in a baggie or container in their freezer and once or twice a month make themselves some vegetable broth. I also do the same with meat bones and meat scraps when I trim the fat or skin off or nerve areas. I will save them to boil down to make soup stock. Just a suggestion.

  4. Another item that cuts through the acidity or "tin" taste of those tomatoes is a few semi sweet chocolate chips…I'd start with 5 or 6 in that pot. Wouldn't never have believed it until a friend was making a pot of chili. It was good…but had that "taste". He wasn't satisfied with it, walked into his pantry and dropped in a bit of semi-sweet chocolate. All the difference in the world.

  5. That minestrone soup would be a real treat if you were having to cook from your food storage. I was thinking that dehydrated vegetables would work in there if you had no frozen but had some dehydrated ones.

  6. Green bell peppers are cheaper than other colors because it takes more time for the colors to ripen – green is the first stage so they take much less growing time! ๐Ÿซ‘

  7. Next time you do fajitas, add cream cheese and shredded cheese to the pan… creamy fajitas are my favorite and can be keto if you don't put it on a tortilla. I got this from Kim's Commitment on YouTube. ๐Ÿ’ž

  8. If you used the broth or water to rinse out your cans of soup or tomatoes, you wouldn't waste the last bit from the cans. It might sound as if that's picky. But I learned from my mom born in the great depression not to waste even the last couple tablespoons of juice or broth or gravy because it's one more bite to fill someone up.

  9. Thank you for these simple and realistic meal ideas. Looking for meal idea can be so frustrating for me; I don't enjoy cooking. I don't want complicated or fancy, I want simple, somewhat healthy, fast, and affordable lol. I would watch a dozen of these videos, these are the EXACT kind of meals I like to make. Thank you!

  10. Green bell pepper is more affordable than colored peppers because a lot of the time they're the less mature version of the colored ones. Peppers sold at stores tend to be all from the same species of pepper plant, and as it ripens it changes it's color from green to yellow to orange to red. Just a little interesting tidbit from someone obsessed with plants ๐Ÿ’š

    I just found your channel in my suggestions. Loved the video! I'm subscribing for sure. I'm a lefty too, so that's neat!

  11. If you're trying to save money? Save these seeds of the onions, bell peppers, a few of the tomatoes, etc and build a garden, because the UN is saying there will be a worldwide food shortage this year, I'm trying to prevent people from loosing access to food. Believe me, it's a thing that exists now especially when everyone is loosing their jobs and being evicted from their homes. Is there any insurance to cover this sort of thing? I have always told people to put aside 1 extra payment per year or if they want to pay the mortgage down make a principal only payment. Maybe do that when you have more than 1 or 3 payments set aside. This is what my Grandmother told me, and she was a bookkeeper for the school district of Macomb county in Michigan years ago. She lived to be 100 and leased her home to pay for her nursing home care. I thought that's amazing to plan for that!

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