21 Fast & Easy Meals With A Real Wow Factor


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  1. Another reason these ideas are so clever is, he is using "real food" not boxed processed junk that isn't even real. Anbody that really cooks real foodknows these meals are speedy and healthy, as well as appetizing. Fantastic ideas, "Kudo's" to the person cooking!!!

  2. These all could be really good recipes if only they didn't lie so much! Put pasta in a pot and not stir? Browned beef and chicken in an oven without pan searing? Ground beef and zucchini with the same cooking time? Ground beef and an egg with the same cooking time? Raw potatoes translucent in 8 minutes? Com'on! These all look like they could be good if only they gave for real cooking instructions.

  3. Only thing I liked was that long stuffed pepper filled with cheese and wrapped in pizza dough, and the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. The rest…not so much

  4. This channel is pure food porn (I make the lewdest faces while watching, I swear)! $uch magic watching you smack down whole foods, reducing them to nicely diced cubes — money shot! Oh, dear gawd, help me . . .

  5. Is this with a convection oven ? What's with the little fan on the cook times ?
    It is !!
    It will show the time/degree and either a fan circling for a convection oven (meats) and a square with 2 lines for the regular oven (peppers).
    That's always nice to know. 🙄🙄

  6. If I cooked like this I would spend half my life cutting up onions and mincing garlic and my entire food budget for a month in one week, all of these ingredients are expensive and not affordable on a fixed income!

  7. Wtf at 3:20: this was staged. They supposedly baked two eggs for 20 minutes in an oven at 360, might as well serve green rubber bands for dinner. And that rump meat somehow sliced itself in the oven while the inevitably undercooked halved potatoes would be so raw they’d star on pornhub

  8. For example, 13:39. Its potatoes, Parmesan, plain tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano, mushroom, egg, and prosciutto. With salt and pepper only at the very end. I’m skeptical.

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