ZUCCHINI FRITTERS | healthy, gluten-free, low-carb, keto recipe


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  1. Good morning! After you've watched this video, don't forget to check out all the other zucchini recipes on my website. I've got tons of ways for you to enjoy this beautiful, seasonal veggie. And the double chocolate zucchini bread just might be my favorite. 😉 What about you? What's your favorite zucchini recipe? xo – Lisa

  2. My mom made zucchini as bread, pudding and stuffed (for really large ones). Great and versatile veggie. Wish adults didn't teach their children to hate veggies so much because later when they become adults they have so many bad habits and don't know what they are missing.

  3. I make a vegan version of this using zucchini , sweet potato and onions and then add humus and rice flour and white pepper and curry powder , they come out really well and are a great addition to a lunch box salad, with some tahini sauce.

  4. Made this, trippled the recipe and added one diced pablano pepper. It was delicious and filling. But I would like to figure out a way to have them cook a bit more on the inside. Perhaps making them flatter will achieve this? Any tips?

  5. Great recipe ! the content of your channel is amazing.

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  6. I loved these!!! Used up all my zucchini for now but got another "gift" from my zucchini fairy next door. LOL. So good that I kept snacking on them all day. I can think of worse ways to snack. Just made another batch. Boy am I going to miss zucchini this winter!

  7. Thank you! I used to make mock crab cakes that were similar to this but used Old Bay seasoning. Since I no longer consume wheat or other grains, I stopped making them. Thanks to this recipe, maybe I can enjoy them once again.

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