ZHA JIANG MIAN RECIPE (Chinese Fried Sauce Noodle)


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  1. For more tender pork, add water and simmer then, add tian mian jiang (sweet flour sauce). It adds the sweetness needed and thickens the sauce. Yum factor amplified!

  2. The Chinese were eating "Spaghetti" or any kind of Pasta Many years before the Italians or Europeans put their stamp on it. So calling Zha Jiang Mian the Asian version is an understatement an quite ignorant tbh. It's the Original Version, Period.

  3. LOL.. tone down the sauce with vinegar… nice… less bean sauce and some water would have done the trick… I usually see them use a bean sauce and another brown sauce with wheat.. that helps thicken the sauce… you only need half a cup of the bean sauce otherwise its insanely salty…

  4. All the Chinese restaurants I've been to in the US (China town) had no idea about this noodle dish, but a lot of Korean restaurants make this. Actually, one Chinese restaurant knew what it was and made it for me, but it was nothing like this version or the Korean version.

  5. 炸酱面 is totally like something you should make. Like i remember eating it all the time when i lived in China. To see that i can make that here, it's making me hungry….

  6. I loved the fun introduction, little song.

    The dish they prepared is probably one of the ones I'd love to try most.

    Lastly, I couldn't get over Andrew's pride that oozed upon completion of his awesome dish. Too cute.

    Cook some more, better yet, how about you guys make a separate cooking channel- probably like a quick prep sort of thing. I see potential there, in the kitchen.

  7. Dang.

    Just the amount of fun you all are having in this video makes me want to add Romani (gypsy) cooking videos to my own channel. Looks like fun to make, definitely was fun to watch, and with all these recipes easily available here in Tokyo? I bet it is going to be fun to eat.

    Looking forward to more!

  8. Dude, if you guys reallywant to make some authentic chinese traditional food, u should really ask someone from China first right? you cannot put fired veggies on 炸酱面. that is just wrong man.

  9. fungbros最牛逼的一点是让所有亚洲人和全世界人感觉peace,不管你是日本韩国越南缅甸台湾香港大陆印度柬埔寨新加坡和black people和white guys,大家只是交流,看着日本胖子吃炸酱面享受的画面我也感觉很棒,妈的,不想在国内全国骂北京上海河南,台湾香港和大陆干,fuck,我们是一家人!!

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