Zesty Marinated Grilled Chicken Legs – BBQ Chicken Recipe


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  1. Hi Larry,
    I am new to cooking, so the ingredients is new to me. Can you list them all here for me ? I wanna try this for my family tomorrow.

  2. This looks delicious. Quick question, could you marinate the chicken and then freeze it? I would love to use this recipe, but will be traveling to get to where I will be grilling and dont have a place to marinade and store the chicken the day of the tailgate.

  3. Larry, awesome job on those chicken legs.Ive used Italian dressing on chicken and fish,but you upped it a couple of notches with you killer spices. awesome job.a guy at work said he marinated his rib eye steaks in Italian dressing and said they were the bomb.never heard of that one..alwayas chicken or fish.

  4. I noticed on your blog – the Google site verification code on the top right, this is in the wrong place. Im guessing you was asked to verify the site when you added it to your YouTube profile. When you add your site to the Youtube profile you will see 'pending' on the left and a verify link underneath. On the page you come to when clicking that link choose the 'Alternate methods' tab. Now choose 'HTML Tag' and copy the meta code.

    Now go to your blogger dashboard, in the left menu click template then 'Edit HTML' now on your keyboard hold CTRL and press F. In the search box that appears on your screen (usually at the bottom) search this: <head> this will find <head> in all the code on your screen, directly underneath <head> add the meta code that you copied earlier and hit 'save template' at the top.

    Hope that helps, easy to do, not so simple to explain in a youtube comment lol. If my explanation doesn't help you feel free to reply and i will make a video to visually show you how its done.

  5. Dark meat is so underrated. Almost everyone I talk to says you should eat white meat. I love the dark meat its so much more juicy and tender than the white and I like the texture better.

  6. nice and simple! Never tried cumin with this… will do this asap this week. when i've used that italian dressing for chicken, i often then paint the marinade on towards the end of the cook… but without the dried spices, think it would burn?  keep posting! like!

  7. Your recipe is now on my list for summer grilling. I had a BBQ party once and My good friend cooked, He marinated and basted while cooking the Chicken Quarters Many of them, Hundreds Ha In the Zesty Italian mixed with Melted Butter and Lemon Juice, S & P . We Loved the flavor ! Your recipe takes this up several notches Looks Great, Thanks for sharing!

  8. Larry, these grilled chicken legs look absolutely delicious. I think the key this recipe is the way you marinated the chicken. I like your Mexican inspired marinade, and of course you grilling techniques are always spot on. Nice job on the recipe !

  9. Wolfie, that looks delicious!      I used to use "Italian salad dressing" as a marinade for pork chops and it worked great.  🙂     Man, I really miss my Weber now!    🙁   <lol>

    Thanks very much and wishing you and yours a Happy & Safe  4th of July,  Norfolk Joe

  10. That's a sassy combination of spices in that marinade! Gotta be killer when they come off the grill! I was just eyeballing some drumsticks the other day, but boneless skinless boobs were on sale, and 80/20 chuck, so I stocked up on both and exceeded my spending allowance for the day.  LOL

    Your neighbors must really hate you, unless you're sharing some of this goodness with them. I know I tend to drive mine wonky sometimes. Seems like most of them are expert at hot dogs and burgers, and an occasional cubed steak, and I'm over here smoking up the whole neighborhood.  LOL

  11. Hey Larry- why are chicken wings so expensive but you can buy chicken legs for like 25 cents/lb?  Is it all just the BW3 craze?  I don't get it.  Legs give you everything that a wing gives you but with more edible meat.

  12. I would reverse engineer this by adding all the dry spices ( minus the salt and base salad dressing) with a spoonful of yoghurt and marinate over night, then add the salt and salad dressing then let go for the afore mentioned 4 hours.
    Just sayin' Larry, just sayin'

  13. That was some kicked up marinade you made. That chicken couldn't help but be outstanding!!! Loved the money shots at the end too!!! Huge Thumbs Up Larry!!! Have a great Independence Day weekend brother!!

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